Whatmatters VS Camper Chef Bart VI: Breakfast with world famous magician Murray SawChuck

A magical Breakfast With Murray SawChuck

With 24 awards, a billion views on Youtube, 25 magic shows a month as headliner on the strip in Las Vegas, and the title ‘world champion’ we got ourselves a big, magical fish on the hook today.

I meet Murray in his beautiful home in Las Vegas amidst water parties and an incredibly cool garden that he has created himself. I see a jacuzzi, exotic plants, an old wooden table that has certainly received great stars of the earth and so much more. This table has several stories according to Murray. In the middle of the garden is a massive fireplace, or is that a pizza oven? Whaaw, made in stone and cement as it should be, but with the magical touch of Murray. Did you make it yourself? “Oh yeah Bart, this entire backyard, everything you see, I build it”

We walk on and there is a golf course, small but sufficient to practice and update your golf skills. Murray is a man of many experiences and unimaginable friendships.

His passion is obviously gardening but also collecting Hollywood memorabilia. He leads me through his house and I fall from one surprise to another. No pen could describe how many movie props he has. Murray searches for unique pieces of his idols. I see a shirt from Jerry Lewis, a beautiful crystal lamp that once hung in the suite and dressing room of Frank Sinatra at the Riviera Casino.

Everything that Murray buys comes directly from personal collections. Autographs of the greats adorn the walls of his living room: Jimmy Stewart, Lucile Ball, Phyllis Diller, Britney Spears. There is also a beautiful suitcase set from none other than Debbie Reynolds. It’s all shown off in his house, and the list goes on and on. In the kitchen is a round table with a beautiful red couch that comes from the Dunes Hotel Showroom. It looks like a booth, I love it. It screams stories. “Well, I bought that booth at an auction here in Vegas.” If that booth could speak man, I can only imagine who sat in it and dined.

The recipe we make today for breakfast is ‘birds nest’, a simple sandwich fried in the pan, with butter and an egg in it. There is no olive oil. Olive oil is something we use today. In the past we cooked with butter and I stick to that traditional technique. It reminds me of my youth and that is the taste maker I think. This is Murray’s favorite dish that his mother taught him. The recipe came from the UK and also has Scottish roots through his mother. You will definitely find it in my cookbook where I give it an extra touch with fried bacon and an avocado paste based on crunchy bacon, pepper, salt and a bell pepper.

Murray makes it regularly and it brings him back to the time when he was seven years young. His first magic box he got from his uncle and aunt, the Siegfried and Roy Pocket Magic box … “Obviously, my original one got destroyed because I used the heck out of it every day to play tricks, but that’s okay. I found the exact same box last week via an antique auction site, it took me 30 years to get one. This one is in pristine condition and I couldn’t be happier. It was just a matter of time to find it, it is my top 3 master piece in my collection. I bought it for $15 haha. There is literally no monetary value to this. You here people say that some things are priceless. Well this is priceless to me”.

It was the beginning of a career that has been growing for 30 years and is not about to stop. The first dollars he earned with his first magic show was at age 11 back home in Canada.

His first European magic show was … in Brussels! And his favorite memory of Europe was in the City of Monte Carlo. That show was directly after the sold-out show in Brussels. Really magical but also when we talk about it, “Le Plus Grand Cabaret de Monde” in Paris. Still memorable as a young man, working on his career. “I am blessed to be able to make a living out of my passion”. Murray is a man of the world, that is certain.

With a billion views on youtube, Murray is ranked number 1 in 2019 with funny magic videos and his ‘thing’ is fooling police officers with his crazy tricks. check it out here:

With nearly 1.3 million subscribers, his visibility in the new online media is massive. Fans love it that it’s a lot!

Murray was born in Burnaby, Canada and has found his new home base in Las Vegas Nevada.

The big breakthrough came in 2010 through the world famous TV show, America’s Got Talent, where he made it to the semifinals through public voices and especially Sharon Osborne.

This was the beginning of several TV shows, series and programs where you can see Murray: Pawn Stars, Reno 911, Celebrity Blind Date, War Of The Worlds 2, NBC’s Last Comic Standing etc.

Murray plays 25 shows a month. Most of them at the Tropicana in Las Vegas after performing hundreds of shows in Planet Hollywood for three years as the lead magician. His shows are hilarious. He has found the magical match between juggling tricks and the funny twist.

Who is your all time favorite magician Murray? “Gosh, I would say Cardini. Brings us back to the early 1900’s. I think he is the best.”

What is your dream? “My own TV show that I can produce worldwide. I want it to be fun, I know how to take people on a short wild ride and make them smile. We pitch many pilots to the tv networks but a series on Netflix. Yes, I would love to see that happening, Netflix is the new media platform.”


Car: 2009 Dodge Challenger
Value: $ 60,000
Hobbies: gardening – collecting magic related Hollywood memorabilia – collecting classic cars. I got a couple. Like my 1960’s Corvette, and my first Nissan Pick up Truck. I still have that one, I keep it forever. My very first car.
Age: 38
Pets: 3 dogs and a cat. Kahlua, Bailey and Smudge, Dani ’s black cat name is Kitten
Girlfriend: Dani Flahiv(dani_showgirl)
Favorite dinner meal: Beef Wellington. I’ve got no idea how to make it, but you can make it Bart
Red or white wine: white, Chardonnay
Goal to achieve: Have my own tv show. Talking to everybody, it never ends
Favorite travel destination: two, Monte Carlo and Santorini Greece
Favorite song: Stevie Wonder – Superstition. I saw him live here in Vegas, he’s a legend.
Favorite quote: by James Dean. “Live like you would die tomorrow”
What is your short term plan. Well, maybe a funny magic episode with you Bart. There is something funny with donuts and a police officer. Let me think about a scenario.

Thanks to @steepedcoffee for the magical submersible coffeebags and wicked cool coffee mugs

When I walk out, I get a personal coffee mug from Murray that you see in the photos. Yes, this is it! The beginning of my new hobby, collecting coffee mugs 🙂

De Connections connection:


Welcome to the perfect destination for anyone who loves getting out, going places and doing stuff

Here are eight little conversation pieces about Burnaby—and every one of them is a certified true fact:

  1. Burnaby is the 3rd largest city in British Columbia (after Vancouver and Surrey), with a population of approximately 223,000.
  1. The city was named after Robert Burnaby who had explored the region around Burnaby Lake in 1859. A merchant and businessman, Robert Burnaby was active in a variety of community affairs and helped develop much of the west coast.
  2. Famous Burnaby locals include: singer Michael Buble, actor Michael J. Fox, NHL Hall of Famer Joe Sakic, and national soccer team player Christine Sinclair. Murray Sawchuck, the world famous magician was born and raised here. He currently resides in Las Vegas Nevada.
  3. Burnaby’s official flower is the rhododendron.
  4. Burnaby’s ‘Sister Cities’ are Kushiro Japan, Mesa, Arizona, Hwaseong, Korea and Zhongshan City, China.
  5. Burnaby’s Simon Fraser University is the only Canadian university competing in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
  6. Burnaby’s ratio of parkland to residents is one of the highest in North America. 25% of Burnaby’s land is designated as parks and open space (the city has over 200 parks!)
  1. Installed in 1956 in what is now known as The Heights shopping district, Helen ‘the Swinging Girl” neon sign was approved as a civic heritage landmark in 2010. The landmark is known as one of the best examples of kinetic neon art in North America and is included as a destination on local neon tours.

Credits: Lou Cops
Editing: Cassie Self

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