Whatmatters sprak met Parijse topfotograaf Olivier Merzoug

Parijs, niet voor niets de modestad bij uitstek. En dat het daar dan krioelt van de fotografen die hier allemaal  een graantje willen meepikken is maar een statement. Het zijn er echter weinig gegeven een reputatie uit te bouwen als topfotograaf. Wij hadden de kans zo een topfotograaf even te spreken. De Parijse topfotograaf Olivier Merzoug is bezig met een tour door ons land en wij maakten er gebruik van hem tussen een paar shoots door even aan onze vragen te onderwerpen! Wat wij hebben onthouden? Dat wij de job van ons leven gemist hebben!

Hi Olivier, tell us…Who are you?
Hello, my name is Olivier Merzoug, fashion photographer in Paris. I create catalogs, lookbook for brands (New couture, lingerie, swim wear and so on), books for women, men and children who wish to enter in agencies. I also work with corporations (portraits of directors, events, product launch and so on), book for artists (comedians, singers, makeup artists, stylists etc) and, finally, i am also a teacher for 2 big groups where I am teaching photographic technics and photo editing.


When did it all start?
I started photography about 10 years ago. Before that, I was artistic director, creative pole, for many communication agencies, web design. I was also a musician, author and composer. Since a few years, I made my passion for photography my full time job.

That’s nice! Why are you doing this? What is your drive?
I have always been pationate about the image, its composition and its render. 10 years ago I bought my first camera, a Canon 450D. I got quickly into it and chained the photoshoots to gain experience. Along the years, I have been working with natural lights as well as in studio.

You’re aswell very active on social media…what does it mean for you?
I am very active on social medias. No doubts that it helped me get known. Today, about 25.000 people follow me on Facebook and 13.000 on Instagram. I am also on 500px, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr,…

You’ve worked with plenty of models…which one was most memorable?
There have been many, I am lucky enough to work a lot. I would point out my experience with “Fashion TV”, some photoshoots for brands with large teams of people and last but not least, a shoot with a fully painted horse (the pictures where shown on the TV channel Equidia and many other horse-related channels).


And which celeb would you like te have for a shoot?
I would have loved to make a photoshoot with Micheal Jackson, but it might be a bit difficult now 🙂

Do you think? 🙂
Otherwise, I would dream of shooting with Victoria’s Secret models. They are all just exceptionals. It is time for russell James to hand me over his job.


If you can manage this, no doubt we’ll meet again! A personal question…which are your favorite places for a drink, to go out or just have dinner?
I really enjoy going out and discover good restaurants or places to have a drink not only in France but anywhere I go. I am not really fan of nightclubs but I really love going to the cinema, the theatre, exhibitions and museums. We are lucky in Paris to live in a city where culture is so important and where there is something to do anytime in the day or the night.

Agree! We love Paris as well! Before you go for another astonishing shoot…what about the future? Ambitions? Goals?
I want to continue to evolve in my job. I am lucky enough, at the moment, to do photography-tours in Europe to get known abroad and to discover new places. i really hope to get new contracts for advertisement campaigns. I will soon become the main booker for a belgian agency. So, a lot of new challenges to come !


No doubt about that! We wish you a lot of luck and succes! Thanks for your time and we will follow you in your dream to shoot all the Victoria’s Secret Angels!

Willen jullie deze topfotograaf ook van kortbij volgen? Neem dan een kijkje op zijn site, Instagram of Facebook! Voor een korte impressie van zijn werk, hebben we alvast onderstaand filmpje teruggevonden…een bewijs dat we hier vandaag met een echte topper gesproken hebben!




Olivier Merzoug Photographer from olivier merzoug on Vimeo.

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